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ATAI is an ITEC Approved Training Collage Dublin

ATAI is an accredited ITEC training provider, NVQ/VRQ qualifications for the world.

Now taking January enrolments
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Manufacturers, distributors &
beauty collages 

ATAI is the only choice for your training. Hands-on practical training with multiple Laser technologies & IPL equipment. 

ATAI is your partner in training

2020 is just around the corner, for Laser & Light equipment distributors and manufacturers this means you need to be compliant. All staff that interact with potential clients must receive accredited training. ATAI is the single choice in Ireland for professional training with a clinical, hands-on edge.

For beauty schools, know your students are gaining the most up to date training on current generation Laser & Light technology. Moreover, your students will gain valuable hours treating pre-screened models for case studies, that are real case studies not just theory on paper.

When it comes to Laser & Light training there is really only one choice, ATAI, where the only thing missing is YOU.

Specialising in level 4 and above
postgraduate courses

The most efficient way to learn is in the clinical environment, ATAI, bridging the gap between education and practical learning. 

Engaging, Rewarding, and above all Memorable

While there are many training centres in Ireland for the aesthetic and beauty industry, not all courses or learning is created equal. Aesthetic Training Academy Ireland (ATAI) specialise in Laser & IPL based training. Our learners have access to current technology including Alexandrite, NDYAG, Diode based laser platforms in addition to IPL systems. To the best our knowledge, ATAI is the only laser training college in the Republic that has multiple laser platforms available for their students.

Learning should be fun, engaging, and most of all rewarding for years to come. We have combined practical ‘hands-on training’ with the enhanced learning aids of modern virtual classrooms. Ability to ‘plug in’ to lectures, access course content, engage with fellow students, watch instructional videos, and take practise exams. As we like to say; It’s not how much you learn that matters. It’s how much you remember.

If you are looking to comply with forthcoming regulatory changes or looking for laser courses that offer practical and theory excellence, there is really only one choice. Contact ATAI today and discover how your career will fly learning with ATAI.

Who is ATAI vocational training for?

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Laser & Light Distributors
  • Beauty College Outsourced Laser Training
  • Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Health Professionals
  • Adult Learners passing entry criteria

Attending ATAI is the choice for taking your aesthetics career to the next level. Technology is driving the clinical aesthetics industry. Clients are looking for skin treatment professionals with the knowledge and confidence to address their needs.

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Practical experience
beyond the classroom environment

We are not just a training academy but a working skin clinic, students benefit from hands-on experience in the clinical environment. Although practical classes are invaluable to the learning process, you cannot substitute the value of time in the clinic.

Models Wanted

and technology driven

Occupational health and safety feature predominantly in all our laser and light-based courses. Safety for the operator and patient while covering contraindications, side effects, plus complications that can arise in the clinic.

Teaching the technology, not the brand, at ATAI we are not brand specific. We teach our students how to use technology, be that Alexandrite, ND-YAG, Diode based lasers or IPL. Once you have confidence in technology, operating differing brand names is easy.

Grow Your Business with an ATAI course

Enrol in a course today &
reap the rewards

Whether you are looking to further your skill set for employment or looking to start up your own laser and light aesthetic clinic, ATAI is your educational partner.

Enrol in a course today &
reap the rewards

Whether you are looking to further your skill set for employment or looking to start up your own laser and light aesthetic clinic, ATAI is your educational partner.