HEE Report impacts for Ireland

HEE Report and the implications for the Irish aesthetics and beauty industry

Why is it influencing the Irish aesthetics sector?

As many would know ITEC/VTCT, CIBTAC/BABTAC are fundamental in the UK beauty industry, as such training guidelines and training level structuring have been influenced by the HEE reports. Compounding this, other countries, in Asia, as an example, have also been pushing for more regulation and standardisation for better client outcomes and insurance purposes. ITEC/VTCT represents the largest and most respected awarding body for the beauty sector worldwide. With the need for worldwide accredited qualifications also means standardisation. So for them, directives taken on board in the UK have to be implemented throughout the training colleges for uniformity.

Selecting the right Laser or IPL machine for your clinic

IPL is suitable for a broad range of treatments, from facial rejuvenation to acne and rosacea treatment, through to hypopigmentation even hair removal. I would like to touch on hair removal. In our skin clinic, we do use Laser for hair removal, but that is not a quick decision to make.

Here is something interesting, to the best of my knowledge, and I have looked and enquired, no Dermatologist in greater Dublin uses a Laser for hair removal.

Laser Training News – November, Ireland

As mentioned, we have voiced our concern at the lack of standards in the sector; the HEE report addresses our concerns while facilitating a level of training suiting the sector. ITEC & VTCT are UK based and are already implementing many of the recommendations while launching new accredited courses to reflect same.

While awarding bodies like ITEC provided courses for beauty, the rapidly changing face of the aesthetics sector left a gap in the training sector. We have often highlighted the problems with current training with the high degree of insurance claims and clients gaining unfavourable outcomes.

Professional Laser and IPL Training Dublin

A Professional Method to Educate in Laser & IPL Treatments

As a guide, awarding bodies recommend training centres devote 250 hours of supervised learning, to achieve effective training in Level 4 Laser & Light courses. However, it is only a guide and training centres have trimmed it down to around 40 hours. If the training college covers all the modules and the student passes the exams, then job done.

If medical faculties with residency programmes highlight problems with access to machines and practical hours, is it remotely responsible to “trim down.”

shedul.com a Phorest felling alternative

Best salon booking app?

When we opened Zest, I went looking for an alternative to Phorest; there were many, Versum, SalonHQ, Mind Body Online, Salonlite, Salon Iris, Zenoti, it went on and on. However, none came close to the usability of Phorest. I was almost ready to bite the bullet and give the go ahead on Phorest, but then I discovered Shedul.

Laser hair removal models

Laser and Light Treatment Models

As far as we are aware ATAI is the first laser training academy in Ireland that provides models for learners. Leaving it up to the student to find a suitable model is fraught with problems. They turn up with people on medication, the wrong skin type, unable to allow enough time for the treatment, or just cannot find enough models for the course requirements.

To us, it just made no sense to put so much pressure on the learners to find models for treatment and often bypassing key criteria’s for treatment with laser and light machines, for example, patch tests and the initial skin consultation.

Beauty Therapy Courses for Laser Hair Removal

Laser Training Courses – It’s in our interest to self-regulate

An undeniable fact is worldwide Doctors, Dermatologists, and associated professionals are pressuring governance bodies for more regulation. Let us also not be nieve; it is not just about outcomes for patients that has the medical sector a little rattled, it is also hitting the hip pocket nerve. Compound a loss in revenue with undesirable results in treatment for the general public, and you have a platform easily leveraged. Furthermore, the beauty sector is terrible for not recognising the problems and doing something about it. That is clearly evident with the top down approach across many countries, resulting in some cases with the beauty sector being locked out.

Why we need better training for Laser and IPL

The industry needs more effective Laser & IPL training

Burns, ineffective treatment, using cookie cutter settings, and a general lack of best practices in occupational health and safety have driven the Dermatologists Association in Ireland to try and spearhead action taking the matter to the EU championing the need for regulatory change. While diploma courses are available by a broad list of awarding bodies, it is quite clear we still have many problems. Quality assured certification system being one and training that better addresses the machines, treatment and technology being another.