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Watch out for bad advice

With any luck, the nurse we spoke with will manage to get her course deposit back from the beauty college handing out advice unsuited to her unique skill set. This short article is a little bit of a rant, so please excuse that, but we get annoyed when people are given the wrong advice and sold courses not suiting their needs.

It is both fortunate and unfortunate that we speak with a lot of nurses. Fortunate, that the non-surgical cosmetic interventions sector is expanding and nurses are in demand. Although, it is also unfortunate as many nurses are swapping bedpans for botox due to the lack of appreciation, pay and conditions within the health sector.

As a nurse, you have compleated a Level 8 degree, do not let anyone in the ‘beauty,’ training sector convince you, to enter the aesthetics sector you need to begin with a Level 2 or even 3 beauty specialists course.

A fair number of newer courses for beauty have elevated their course content for subjects such as infectious disease control, the ethical and legal context for practice and biosciences. These represent subjects within some of the Level 4 remit, and you as a nurse have already studied them. Nurses are in demand within the industry not so you can enrol in a level 2 beauty course, but because your unique skill set underpins the safe and ethical delivery of non-surgical cosmetic interventions. Furthermore, being ‘regulated’ by the NMBI means there is accountability for more advanced procedures, such as injectables, PRP, or even ablative laser.

Sure, as a nurse, you will be missing knowledge, and you will need to study, although, let’s make sure what you are going to study, fits not only your existing skill set but also what direction you wish to take within the industry.

If you are a nurse and looking at entering the non-surgical aesthetics sector, call us today and receive the correct help and advice.


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