aesthetics training

driven by ethics
Our email is littered with enquiries from HCPs that have attended in some cases, multiple one and two-day courses in Ireland and the UK, only not to implement the procedures. Many people cite gaining value from these courses but are still left with the knot in the stomach that they are ill-prepared to provide these highly skilled procedures.

Don’t waste your money – one and two-day courses will not provide the confidence and competence you seek.

confidence & competence

it has to be the only objective
Compared to dermal filler, administering the classic three areas of Botox® is a relatively simple procedure, in theory. Having confidence and competence after a one-day-course that also includes theory time, logically is impossible. If we look at the accepted minimum standard in gaining a new skill in a related field, seeing 10 and doing 10 is that bare minimum. You certainly do not see 10 and administer 10 in these one-day-courses, made worse it is typically a skill you have never performed.

One and two-day aesthetic medicine courses are – ineffective and unethical.

hands on training

there is no magic wand that can replace practise

We don’t set up in a hotel room like some other training providers, or provide training in rooms that would not pass an audit for medical procedures – that is just not how we roll. We provide a professional aesthetic clinic that is geared towards education. We do not provide one trainer, we have a dedicated team of medical educators who all bring their experience to your aesthetics education. Nurses, GPs, Dentists, Plastic Surgeons, all practising in aesthetics, all available for your education pathway. Many claim to be the leading provider of training in Ireland, while truth be told, there is only one leading provider.

A.T.A.I – the company that brought in-depth training to the Irish market due to the scourge of one-day-training,

ready To practice

no other training comes close
Practical clinics – one-on-one and one-on-two mentoring; nothing beats training in an actual clinic environment. Follow on training, botulinum toxin for medical usage, advanced filler procedures, plus a whole range of aesthetic therapies. A.T.A.I is far more than an injectables training provider.

online learning

in-depth high calibre learning materials
Apart from recognising the need for in-depth practical training throughout the aesthetics sector, we also identified a lack of quality theory programmes across the aesthetics discipline. We also produce a range of learning materials to support a host of aesthetic courses.

We wanted to do more than provide training

We wanted to create educational pathways and learning materials for the medical and non-medical aesthetic sector, so as practitioners are equipped with fit for purpose knowledge to operate ethically, efficiently, and safely to the benefit of the general public.

access to support

we are still here when your training is over
Unlike general medicine aesthetics can often feel like a lonely affair, there never seems to be any access to support when the course is over. This is another area we wanted to tackle, we have multiple access points to gain support, be that a quick question, help with complicated cases or even finding work. Training with A.T.A.I means joining a network of practitioners, help and support when you need it.

This is only the beginning

We have set out to change aesthetics training at the very core. Will you join us and be part of that change?