Appeals and Review Procedure

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ATAI operate within the framework of quality assurance; we provide a solutions system for addressing all operational tasks, this includes, but is not limited to, operational procedures, complaints handling, machine maintenance and student/teacher conduct.

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This policy outlines the procedure for reviewing and appealing decisions made by ATAI and awarding bodies. If you have a grievance over awarded marks, outcomes of exams, or decisions taken pertaining to academic study this is the procedure to follow for resolution.

It should be noted that if you wish to appeal the decision made by an awarding body you must first proceed through the ATAI reviews and appeals process as outlined in this policy. Only after following the appeals procedure can a case be prepared for appeal by an awarding body.

Outline of the policy

  • Appeals from learners in relation to an assessment decision based on not following procedures consistently or those policies were not adhered to properly and fairly

  • Appeals from learners that an awarding body has not upheld their procedures or assessment criteria in a fair and unbiased manner.

Review and Appeal Procedure

Raising an appeal—Raising an appeal with ATAI is also the first stage of raising a complaint or appeal to an awarding body.

  1. Details of the complaint or appeal to assessment decision must be submitted in writing to 52a Main Street, Swords, Co Dublin or via email to [email protected]
  2. If the complaint is about a theory mark, practical mark or case study work, the paper will be remarked by a separate educator
  3. Theory Reexamination – On a date to be agreed ATAI will provide a new theory examination paper following point 2
  4. Practical Reexamination – On an agreed date the learner will take a new practical examination, if the examination upholds the appeal then, marks will be changed to reflect that outcome
  5. If ATAI uphold the original mark that will be outlined in writing and includes evidence to back up that decision

If the assessment is deemed to be incorrect it will be reflected with a new mark and any certificates reissued to reflect same

If ATAI deem a corrected mark may influence other marked work, it will take the necessary steps to rectify all submitted work by reassessing and remarking where deemed appropriate

Appeals to a third party review board

Each awarding body has specific policies for the handling of complaints and appeals to assessment decisions made. If you wish to appeal a decision made by an awarding body all complaints must be submitted within 14 days of the initial assessment this is to work within the timeframe of the appeals process outlined by awarding bodies. Before undertaking an appeals process with an awarding body we will endeavour to reach a satisfactory outcome for the learner. Before an appeal or complaint is escalated to an awarding body all avenues with ATAI must be exhausted.

After the learner has gone through the ATAI appeals process and remains dissatisfied and wishes to escalate the matter to the awarding body, the academy prepares a report including the previous supporting information from the ATAI Review and Appeals Procedure.

The appeal is submitted to the awarding authority and includes:

  • An outline of the appeal by the learner
  • An outline of the outcome of the appeal through the ATAI procedure
  • Supporting evidence of the appeal

The awarding body will correspond with ATAI and the learner. Depending on the awarding body will determine the specific appeals process; however, typically will follow the same methodology of reexamination.

What if you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of the Review and Appeals process?Award bodies have an option for an independent review process as an appeal to the final outcome of an appeal. ATAI will help you through the process and complying with the specific requirements of differing awarding bodies.