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Thinking of entering medical aesthetics? Or already trained and want more options.

Eden Medical is compromised of dentists, and doctors, a very ethically and morally driven company. Their goal is the provision of affordable and accessible aesthetic treatments delivered by highly qualified and skilled clinicians who have access to the latest technologies, techniques and high-quality products, which culminate in the best possible results for our patients and a company our team can be proud of.

Tear Trough Rejuvenation

Restylane EyeLight Training

Tear trough rejuvenation … Restylane® EYELIGHT™ is a targeted filler for the treatment of the tear trough area that reduces dark under-eye shadows and grooves and stops eyes from looking tired. Our Tear Trough and Temple Training includes the latest dermal filler from Restylane®, EYELIGHT™ Tired-looking eyes are one of the major concerns patients voice…

Video aesthetic medicine training

Aesthetic medicine training goes digital

Digitally-enabled training location … Our new state-of-the-art aesthetic medicine training location in Swords opens in August. Our second training location in Swords is opening in August to facilitate even more training of Doctors, Dentists and Nurses. We have outgrown our central training centre in Swords, but instead of moving away from Swords to find a…

SuneKos Training

SuneKos, Profhilo or Jalupro Training – What is best?

Comparing SuneKos to Jalupro Classic the products are highly similar, both contain amino acids and HA for elastin and collagen production. Although Jalupro Classic has a higher concentration of amino acids and a protocol for combining with toxins. Jalupro HMW, is suitable for older clients or those in need of the higher molecular weight HA, Jalupro is a far more customisable tissue stimulator and is more cost-effective to stock in your clinic.

Clinical placement for aesthetic medicine

Clinical Placement – Residency Programme

We have now further developed the clinical placement methodology in creating a residency programme. The residency programme allows practitioners to work a day a week, even two in some cases if their schedule allows. As an added bonus the practitioner is also earning back their course fees. Our main goal of changing aesthetic training at its very core is very much taking shape.