Patrick Ryall

Croma PhilArt Eye

Injection treatment—for reviving tired looking eyes.

One of the most asked questions is, what can I do about my eyes? With our lack of sleep, too much stress and not enough hydration, tired-looking eyes are a common complaint. Periorbital rejuvenation is not easily addressed; most products are HA-based and predominantly only suit patients with under-eye hollowing.

For the last few years, we have discussed the industry trend towards regenerative technologies and moving away from dermal fillers—stimulation of fibroblast cell growth, matrix production, and granulation tissue formation by connective tissue growth factors. Regenerative technology is not new, but it has slow to take hold. However, over the last two years, regenerative aesthetic medicine has been one of the major buzzwords.

At the (AMWC) Aesthetic Medicine World Congress in Monaco, many companies discussing regenerative medicine and products coming into the space prove the aesthetic sector’s direction.

Croma – PhilArt Eye is an exciting new product that is cemented in the regenerative aesthetic medicine space.

Patients frequently request aesthetic treatments for the periorbital area to look refreshed and less tired, as well as treat wrinkles, crow’s feet and even eyebrow ptosis, and drooping of the upper eyelids. Combining efficacy and safety, low concentration PN-HPT® formulations (15 mg/2 ml= PhilArt eye) are recommended for sensitive facial skin and other delicate skin areas (e.g. Periorbital area). The PN-HPT®, 15 mg/2 ml concentration, is ideal for improving fibroblast activity without causing excessive pulling or oedema. Thin periocular skin is an area where the PhilArt eye offers distinctive aesthetic outcomes with a specific 15 mg in 2 ml protocol.

Over 90% of the patients experienced a clinical improvement in reducing fine, superficial wrinkles and improved skin appearance. Tightening of the periocular skin visibly improved even the most severely sagging areas. The results were also confirmed by objective evaluations by 3D skin analysis.

Anatomical areas:

  • Eye contour area
  • Arches of the eyebrow
  • Sensitive skin and delicate areas


A standalone therapy to improve the quality and lustre of the skin in younger patients as an anti-ageing (OR preventative) treatment and for more mature patients2 through improved skin structure and overall elasticity; bio-reactivating primers of the skin and remodelling skin areas with high fibrous content (striae and scars).’

Skin Enhancement Technique (SET) to generates a synergistic effect and helps prepare the skin before other aesthetic procedures: laser, radio frequency, filler, peeling, needling and surgery.

Injection protocol and
injection technique:

  • 1-2 ml per session
  • One session every 14 or 21 days for a total of 3-4 sessions
  • Serial puncture technique with injection spaced out by 0,5 to 1 cm linear retrograde technique


We will offer Croma PhilArt treatment for patients from April, and training for practitioners begins in May 2023.

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