Aesthetic college open day

Our first live-streamed open day was a great success; we had a small technical problem with the sound in the first half but got it sorted. Representatives from Galderma, Aesthetic Insure, Sinclair, Dermalogica and Aestheti Docs attended.

It was a good time for doctors and nurses thinking of starting in aesthetic medicine to ask questions and gain a thorough understanding of the industry.

Part of our goal for 2023 was to extend our live event capabilities. We started this off with the open evening. Next, we are going to stream part of our day-one training. Day one is a small group day, and depending on the course, toxin or dermal filler, we revise the theory you have learned through our LMS (learning management system) and concentrate on the basics of the patient pathway—consultation, marking up the face, reconstituting toxin or dermal filler selection. Day one provides a solid foundation before the 1:1 practical training starts in the clinic environment.

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If you have considered entering aesthetic medicine, you will find our training scheme very different from the average training provider. Our long-format training philosophy provides in-depth knowledge and the confidence and competence to put your skills to use.

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