Botox® plus Dermal Filler training for Doctors and Dentists in Ireland

Outstanding training for anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injectables

There is no doubting injectable cosmetics is popular, although, injectables are not aesthetics, it is but a single modality within a discipline and patients want broad skillsets.

The sheer number of inquiries we receive for injectable training is a testament to the popularity within the medical community. However, popularity also breeds competition and what are you offering to set yourself apart from the competition? It does create a slight rub when someone says they are an aesthetics doctor or nurse, only to find out their interpretation of that is they administer injectable cosmetics. With all due respect that makes you an injector, not an aesthetics practitioner and you are minimising your potential in the market.

Your prospective patient has UV damage, or a lacklustre appearance, maybe lax skin or fine line and wrinkles that can be addressed with other modalities. What now? Your only tool is the needle, do you send the patient away, inject regardless, or maybe the client knew what they wanted before injectables, and you can’t offer that.

You’re selling yourself short while significantly reducing your differentiation within the market.

We set ourselves apart in the training industry as unlike close to all of our competitors we are not a one-trick-pony. You can also set yourself apart in the market by training with us. From the single most advanced skin rejuvenation course in Ireland through to vascular pathology we have the skills and programmes to facilitate training that makes you an aesthetics practitioner.

Today clients are more educated about the procedures they want that ignoring the market makes no sense at all and it is the forward-thinking practitioners that will cement their name in the medi-clinic space.

Getting back to our Botox® anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler training, our courses are provided to gain a broad understanding of the products in the market. However, we exclusively use Allergan products in our training. Genuine Botox® and JUVÉDERM® – Injectable Gel (hyaluronic acid.) Arguably the gold standard in injectable cosmetics, we also help with the setting up of accounts to purchase from Allergan also for the purchase of Hyalase. We offer a streamlined service for insurance with Hamilton Fraser / Cosmetic insure, we offer far more than just training with actively help in the setting up of your new practice.

Combining RF (radio frequency,) and skin needling in your overall treatment plan can make dermal filler more effective while using less product and gaining a more youthful appearance for the patient. Clients are becoming more aware of the treatment options and actively seek out clinics that can address all their skin concerns. Combining the bodies natural growth factors with injectable cosmetics is an emerging trend in the sector. Your injectable training is a substantial investment in your future, to make that investment future proof it could be considered prudent to become an aesthetics practitioner.


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