Why choose ATAI?

A course may have the same name, at times even the same accreditation; that is often where the similarity ends.

We are not a beauty training college that tacked on the aesthetics buzzword, we are a dedicated medical and non-medical training academy with Doctor, Nurse, and Therapist trainers. We are not brand-centric, our training teaches the science behind the therapy. Ultimately this will lead you to make informed decisions that best suits your practice or clinic.

The first training academy in Ireland dedicated to non-surgical cosmetic treatments within the clinical environment.

Over the last two decades, the industry has changed. With advancements in technology, results typically only available under the surgeon’s knife are now accessible in skin clinics, medical clinics, even beauty salons. The sector has changed; however, the training industry has struggled to keep up.

ATAI started due to a need in the aesthetics sector for in-depth training with a clinical focus on practical skills. Starting with laser and IPL training ATAI has quickly become the place to be trained in energy based devices. From there we brought in level 4 to level 7 courses, providing a progression path while also coupling the training with online learning. Moving theory to online allowed a further focus to be placed on practical skills with the benefit of allowing more flexibility for learners. Providing a uniform theory curriculum delivered online is such a benefit to the aesthetics training market, that we now offer online learning courses to other colleges.

Now we have ventured into injectable cosmetics training, again identifying a need for a more robust training model for the medical discipline. Not impressed with the 1-2 day training offered by the majority of training centres we looked to the market of how we could do it better. With the launch of the level 7 curriculum in the UK we decided to bring that concept to Ireland and marry it to online learning and clinical mentoring. The result is a theory programme consisting of over 100 hours of CPD accredited content plus a robust, practical skills structure. Clinical mentoring is a fundamental component of our training courses, we help the general public with discounted aesthetics treatments and they help us provide the best aesthetics training in the country.

ATAI is for professionals that understand the benefit and need for robust training.

There is only one thing missing from ATAI, YOU