Why choose ATAI?

A course may have the same name, at times even the same accreditation,
however; that is often where the similarity ends.

The first training academy in Ireland dedicated to non-surgical cosmetic treatments within the clinical environment.

Over the last two decades, the industry has changed. With advancements in technology, results typically only available under the surgeon’s knife are now accessible in skin clinics, medical clinics, even beauty salons. The sector has changed; however, the training industry has struggled to keep up. Much of the training industry was born out of the traditional beauty therapy sector. Granted beauty will always play a role in the industry, although, energy-based advancements are often tacked on at best. It’s hard for training centres to offer the machinery used in modern skin clinics with laser machines easily costing €80.000 for a single device.

When it comes to more advanced treatments, PRP, injectable cosmetics, deeper dermal needling, TCA peels, there was no regulated training provider available in Ireland, until ATAI.

While many courses seem the same by name or accreditation, they can significantly differ, often the courses are not regulated at all. While CPD style courses are invaluable to keeping abreast of a rapidly changing industry, they do not compare to recognised qualifications through a regulated course structure.

There is nothing more essential for the aesthetics practitioner than the training they receive.

If you are entering the clinical world of Laser treatments, should you not be taught using multiple platform Lasers?

It is wrong that passing a Laser and Light Courses can be achieved, without ever touching a Laser machine. Training centres only need to provide an IPL machine. While they are similar to a Laser, as in, they both have a handpiece and energy based, the similarity pretty much ends there.

It is little wonder, ineffective treatment, burns, and unwanted pigmentation changes are all too common.

With the rapid expanding of injectable cosmetics, we are now faced with a new problem. Training providers are facilitating unregulated courses of just a few days to enable people to inject the general public. Compounding that, some training providers are teaching non-medical candidates.

ATAI provides the only viable option for nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and therapists looking for training in the non-surgical cosmetic sector.

There is only one thing missing from ATAI, YOU


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