Your Career in Aesthetic Beauty

comparing beauty qualifications
Starting your aesthetic beauty career off on the right foot is imperative for a rewarding career. Below we compare the Level 4 Aesthetic Therapy qualification to the CIDESCO aesthetic therapy certificate, ITEC and CIBTAC beauty specialist certificates.
Modality & CompetenciesLevel 4
Aesthetic Therapy
Aesthetic Certificate
Beauty Specialist
Level 4 Laser
Level 4 IPL
Level 4 Skin Peels
Level 4 Micro-Needling
Level 4 Skin Blemish Removal
Level 4 Radio Frequency
Advanced Facial Electrics (Electroporation)
Facial Electrotherapy
Advanced Facials
Facial Treatments
Psychology for Aesthetic Practice
Evidence Based Practice
Research Methodology
Consultation Skills
Anatomy & Physiology
Cosmetic Science
Professionalism, Law, Ethics

Studying at Level 4

elevated subjects for elevated procedures

While common subjects such as anatomy & physiology, consultation skills and cosmetic science are shared across the qualifications, studying at level 4 means all these core subjects are also at a higher level.

No other course in the sector offers the level of practical skills, theoretical knowledge and sought after qualifications as the level 4 in Aesthetic Therapy, after all, that is why we made it available to the sector.

Discover your career pathway to level 7

Don’t end your career at level 4, start at level 4 and progress to level 7

General FAQ

What is the entry requirement for the Aesthetic Therapy Diploma?

There are several entry routes into the Level 4 Aesthetic Therapy Diploma.

If you are a school leaver you need your senior leaving certificate and it would be advantageous if you have at least one science subject.

If you have a junior leaving certificate you will be required to have taken a level 3 qualification and sit an entry exam before gaining access to the programme.

Those with an existing level 3 beauty therapy qualification.

Those with degree level qualification.

What is the level 5 Aesthetic Therapy qualification?

Level 5 Aesthetic Therapy is the second year course. You are able to follow on to level 5 within 3 years of finishing level 4. After 3 years you need to submit a treatment evidence log book and show you have completed CPD courses. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) can be courses like brand training.

Level 5 expands on the skills and modalities you have learnt in level 4 including;

  • Level 5 Advanced Vascular & Facial Anatomy
  • Level 5 Advanced Psychology for Aesthetic Practice
  • Level 5 Advanced Consultation Skills
  • Level 5 Facial Microneedling
  • Level 5 Non-Facial Microneedling
  • Level 5 Low pH and High Concentration Very Superficial Chemical Peels
  • Level 5 Vascular Therapy
  • Level 5 Blemish Removal

The new level 4 to level 7 framework provides you with a career pathway that has until now never been possible in the beauty industry.

Is the Aesthetic Therapy qualification recognised internationally?

Yes, countries that are a signatory to the Lisbon treaty, for example, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many others all recognise OFQUAL qualifications.


VTCT CentreITEC CentreEuropean Qualifications Framework

Why is level 4 level 6 in Ireland?

Qualification are mapped by a qualifications framework, our level 4 course is an (RQF) course, Regulated Qualifications Framework.

On The National Framework of Qualifications for Ireland (NFQ IE) this corresponds to a Level 6 course.

On the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) it relates to level 5.

QQI provide a handy guide to the different qualification frameworks. Qualifications can Cross Boundaries

How many leaving cert points do I need to become a beautician?

Unlike a general beauty therapy qualification where a junior leaving certificate or GCSEs in the UK is enough to start a level 2 beauty diploma to enter our level 4 Aesthetic Therapy Diploma, you do need a senior leaving certificate this is equivalent to taking your A levels in the UK. While there is no minimum points system for entry into the Aesthetic Therapy Diploma it is advantageous if you have taken a science subject like biology for example.

Is this an online beauty course?

Beauty therapy is a tactile hands-on industry. Practical skills training is a core component to becoming a professional beauty therapist, as such, it is not feasible to become a beauty therapist by means of an online course. However, providing the theory component of beauty therapy training online allows for a deeper theory course structure while maximising practical skills training during college hours. Blended learning the combining of online learning and practical skills training has been proven to provide a superior learning experience.

How long is the Aesthetic Therapy Diploma?

The Aesthetic Therapy qualification is a 9-month course. You attend the college 3 days per week plus two days per week online theory learning; this equates to a full-time course.

How much is the Aesthetic Therapy course?

Course fees are €9995 and can be paid off over the 9-month period after a deposit of €2000 is paid.