Anti-Wrinkle & Dermal Filler Injections

Cosmetic injections perfmormed by qualified healthcare professionals.

Our training clinic provides an opportunity for you to save on popular therapies while gaining the peace of mind the practitioners performing your dermal filler or anti-wrinkle procedures are fully trained medical professionals. Please follow the (link) to learn more about Allergan injectable cosmetics.

Anti-Wrinkle injections are performed using Allergan Botox® the world’s leading brand of injectable cosmetics. As we are a training clinic, you have total piece of mind that you gain the most fitting advice and care. We are the only private multi-discipline aesthetics training centre in Ireland, and we have experienced doctors and nurses on staff.

Targeted application of Botox, is highly effective in eliminating and preventing wrinkles across the upper and lower forehead, and around the eyes (‘crow’s feet’). In general terms, Botox® is used for what we term movement wrinkles, these are the lines you see when your muscles are moving. For at rest lines and wrinkles, the ones you see without moving these are best targeted with dermal filler.

For fine lines and wrinkles and for preventing further wrinkles from forming anti-wrinkle injections provide long-lasting results with no downtime. Botox® provides an effective means of visibly reducing the visual signs of ageing from around the eyes, forehead aids in smoothing décolletage wrinkles and marionette lines.

Dermal fillers replace lost volume, fill in deep at rest lines and wrinkles. Dermal filler is exceptional at smoothing, lifting while regaining lost definition in the face. Offering a fast and effective treatment with no downtime and as we use the Allergan Juvederm range of fillers you have the longest lasting results.

As we age starting around our early 30’s we begin to lose subcutaneous fat, this is the fat layer just below the surface of the skin. The effect is the loss of volume while also making facial muscles more visible. Dermal filler replaces this lost volume restoring a more youthful appearance.

There are no duck lips at ATAI, we will produce a look that is safe, symmetric and aesthetically pleasing. Lip fillers are one of the most popular treatments of all injectable cosmetics. While younger patients are often looking to produce a more plumped, fuller lip older clients often look to return lost volume or thinned lips.

Are injectable cosmetics safe?

The media is full of horror stories of lips gone wrong, poorly trained injectors and laypeople injecting has often produced headlines that make people nervous, and with good reason. ATAI started due to a lack of in-depth, quality training in Ireland for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. For our healthcare professionals looking to extend their knowledge in injectable cosmetics ATAI provide a depth of education not available anywhere else. Even this student clinic is a first for Ireland, no other provider anywhere has approached aesthetics education with the respect and depth of learning the discipline requires.

When you come to our clinic the person performing your procedure is a fully qualified Doctor or Nurse, they have already completed in-depth training that takes on average three months to complete, this is far removed from the one or two days training by everyone else.