PDO Thread Lift Training

Our foundation course in PDO thread lift is for advanced aesthetic practitioners. This course aims to help you build the techniques that will set you apart, enabling you to step into the future of advanced cosmetic procedures. We will cover all you need to know for you to treat your clients with confidence and competence. 
Practical training is located at our college in Swords, Co Dublin.
Practical Training

1 Day.

Blended Learning

Online theory & hands on practical.


1:1 no sharing patients.


A.T.A.I. / CPD 

Flexible Curriculum

Designed for working medics.

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— Advanced Training

Foundation PDO Thread Course. 

Our PDO Thread Lift Training is designed to facilitate a level of theoretical and practical knowledge to deliver PDO treatment safely with the ability to address complications that may arise.

Stage 1

Foundation on label botulinum toxin training.

Stage 2

Lower face indications with Botox® €1150
*add on elective

Quality educational frameworks

For delegates new to A.T.A.I, all our courses have a foundation of theory considered the minimum for delivering Cosmetic Procedures, as laid out by Health Education England (HEE). We follow these guidelines as best practices in delivering cosmetic procedures as Ireland at this time has no framework for the aesthetic sector,
Let's Grow

 Confidence & Competence

Engaging, effective practical training

We constantly work to improve our training— draw on decades of experience from our medical educators.

Fit for purpose theory

Developed in house, delivered online to a level 7 standard and includes explanation video..

Follow on training

Grow your skills as your experience grows with our masterclasses.

Training tomorrow's industry leaders today.

What we cover

  • Facial anatomy
  • Facial nerves
  • Facial symmetry
  • Volume loss to fat pads
  • Consultation and assessment
  • Patient selection
  • Managing expectations
  • Contraindications
  • Aftercare
  • Dealing with complications

Your educators

Dr Michelle Westcott
Head of training

PDO threads provide natural aesthetic outcomes.

PDO threads are one of the most commonly used threads in thread lift procedures. PDO stands for polydioxanone, which is a biocompatible material widely used in medical sutures. These threads are inserted into the skin to create a lifting effect and stimulate collagen production. They are known for their excellent safety profile and versatility in treating various areas of the face and body. PDO threads can be used to lift sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture. The threads gradually dissolve over time, but their effects can last for several months as they stimulate the production of new collagen fibers. This makes PDO threads a popular choice for individuals seeking a non-surgical solution for facial rejuvenation.
PLLA threads, short for poly-L-lactic acid threads, are another type of threads used in thread lift procedures. PLLA is a biodegradable synthetic material that has been used in various medical applications. These threads are inserted into the skin to provide a lifting and tightening effect. The primary mechanism of action for PLLA threads is the stimulation of collagen production, which helps to improve skin elasticity and volume. PLLA threads have a longer-lasting effect compared to PDO threads, as they gradually stimulate collagen synthesis over a longer period. They are commonly used to address signs of aging such as sagging cheeks, jowls, and neck laxity.

PCA threads, or polycaprolactone threads, are also utilised in thread lift procedures. Polycaprolactone is a biocompatible and biodegradable material that has been used in various medical fields. PCA threads work by mechanically lifting the tissues and stimulating collagen production, resulting in a tightening and rejuvenating effect on the skin. These threads have a longer lifespan compared to PDO threads and provide sustained lifting and volumising effects. PCA threads are commonly employed for facial contouring, lifting the eyebrows, defining the jawline, and improving the appearance of the neck and décolletage.

In summary, PDO threads, PLLA threads, and PCA threads are widely used in thread lift procedures. PDO threads are valued for their safety, versatility, and collagen-stimulating properties. PLLA threads offer longer-lasting effects and are often used for more significant skin tightening and volume restoration. PCA threads provide sustained lifting effects and are commonly used for facial contouring. The choice of thread type depends on the patient's specific concerns, desired outcomes, and the recommendations of the healthcare provider performing the procedure.