Silhouette Soft Training

Silhouette Soft the Rolls Royce of threads and a procedure your clinic should offer along with PDO Threads, Skin Boosters and Bio Stimulators. Clients are looking for treatments that have the natural aesthetic outcome rather than the “done look” this is an overriding trend within the sector.
Practical training is located at our college in Swords, Co Dublin.
Practical Training

1 Day 3 patients.

Blended Learning

Online theory & hands on practical.


1:1 no sharing patients.


A.T.A.I. / CPD 

Flexible Curriculum

Designed for working medics.

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Silhouette Soft Course

Silhouette Soft restores “the triangle of youth” without surgery by repositioning the sagging tissue and stimulating collagen production.

Advanced course

Our Silhouette Soft training is the most advanced available within Ireland and the UK, and our certification criteria enables you to be ready to practice.

Training that builds confidence

Once you have completed your course and practical training, you must perform 5 Silhouette Soft procedures within six weeks to gain your full certification. This criterion is to build your confidence to facilitate the highly skilled procedure. We also recommend that you have an assistant when performing Silhouette Soft.

Extended certification

We recommend finding your five clients (family and friends are great) before starting the course so that you can facilitate the best possible outcome from the training, You will perform the Silhouette Soft procedure during the practical training on two clients. The training environment is 1:1 no group training and no sharing of a client with other practitioners.
Let's Grow

 Confidence & Competence

Engaging, effective practical training

We constantly work to improve our training— draw on decades of experience from our medical educators.

Fit for purpose theory

Developed in house, delivered online to a level 7 standard and includes explanation video..

Follow on training

Grow your skills as your experience grows with our masterclasses.

Training tomorrow's industry leaders today.

Subjects covered

  • Local anaesthetic
  • Facial anatomy
  • Facial nerves
  • Facial symmetry
  • Volume loss to fat pads
  • Consultation and assessment
  • Patient selection
  • Managing expectations
  • Contraindications
  • Aftercare
  • Dealing with complications

Minor surgical procedure

PDO threads, PDO sutures sold under a mired of brands, Silhouette Soft, MINT Lift, N-Finder the options are rather endless. Most threads are manufactured in South Korea; we teach the techniques required to deliver PDO, PLLA threads regardless of brand. The PDO technique is minimally invasive when compared to traditional facial plastic surgery. However, PDO procedures are invasive procedures. When attending a PDO training course, you will note the setup for minor surgery. 

Training in PDO thread lift

PDO threads: Most thread lift procedures make use of PDO threads. They have been around for the longest period of time and have been used in surgery for years. They are composed of a biodegradable polymer and dissolve within the body in 4-6 months. The procedure results can last for an additional 15-24 months, and they generally create type 1 collagen. Dissolving threads stimulate collagen synthesis, which enhances youthful appearance. Many choices of PDO thread are available for use, and closing the correct thread for your client may not be that easy. Usually, PDO threads are excellent for repositioning and rejuvenating, therefore, better suited towards younger clients.

PLLA threads: PLLA threads are composed of lactic acid derived biocompatible polymer and are used in various treatments. PLLA benefits include the ability to regenerate collagen over a longer period of time when compared to PDO threads. When inserted into the skin, this thread forms type 1 collagen with a very minimal (if any) inflammatory response. They last for 12 months within the skin.

PCA threads: PCA threads are not used as often as the PDO or PLC threads, but they last up to 2 years and create type 1 and 3 collagen. They are the newest threads, and they are composed of caprolactone (bio-absorbable monofilament). The structure within the PCA thread is more robust and therefore takes much longer to break down. It is highly potent at stimulating collagen and hyaluronic acid. Even once dissolved, collagen production can last for another year. These treads provide a small amount of lift and rejuvenation. These threads provide a larger amount of lift when compared to PDO and PLLA threads and are better suited to older clients who need a small to moderate amount of lift.