Be more than an injector

Aesthetic Skin Complete

The Aesthetic Skin Complete course updated for 2023 is designed for Nurses & Doctors that wish to have the skills to treat the skin holistically.

A specialist skin treatment course

  • Aesthetic skin complete course €6000
  • 4 Dermal filler practical days
  • ITEC Level 4 microneedling
  • ITEC Level 4 chemical peels

Add on electives

  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • BIO stimulators
  • Toxin (doctors/dentists)
  • Masterclasses

The Skin Complete course provides the perfect foundation for nurses wanting to be more than an injector. Combining clinically proven treatments and core dermal science to practice ethically and confidently within the growing aesthetics sector.

Aesthetic skin complete course centres around regenerative aesthetic medicine. The industry is moving towards more cellular regeneration technologies. BIO stimulators. BIO remodelers, platelet-rich plasma, and micro-needling are all part of the regenerative line of treatments.

This course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the skin and its treatment. We cannot forget that skin health is at the heart of reducing the effects of ageing.

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Dermal Filler

Stage 1 – Online Theory of dermal filler

start your theory learning, depending on your schedule and time to devote to study; this typically takes 4 to 12 weeks.

Stage 2 – Practical training dermal filler

Day 1 – Introduction to dermal fillers

  • Patient selection
  • Facial anatomy
  • Injection technique
  • Contraindications
  • Aftercare

Practical demonstration

  • Basic administering of facial filler injections
  • Product selection
  • Marking out the face

Days 2, 3, 4,

Administering facial filler injections

Stage 4

Practical Training Clinics – Our practical clinics is where you hone your skills while increasing your confidence. We have modelled the clinic to slowly introduce you to operating at a typical clinic speed. We do this through a time stepping programme where each clinic day reduces the time allowance per client from an hour in the beginning to thirty minutes by the third clinic. We also change the consultation process, at the beginning along with your mentor you perform the entire pre-consultation process, that includes, consent forms, medical and health history questionnaire and pre-treatment photos. By the third clinic, our aesthetic nurse performs the pre-consultation again mirroring the process in a typical aesthetics clinic. Our aesthetic nurse then leads the client into your treatment room where you then perform the typical treatment consultation process. Our teaching programme is unique in the aesthetics training sector has been formed through the understanding of what is required to produce competent, confident, aesthetic practitioners.

A comprehensive theory programme might be the cornerstone of our aesthetic medicine courses but practical hands-on training is the foundation. Training to a Level 7 standard produces competent practitioners furthermore our ability to train you on many evidence-based modalities takes you on a journey from injecter to a specialist in non-surgical aesthetics.

Practice of Dermal Filler Use in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Be able to perform client assessments relating to the use of dermal fillers
  • Be able to develop a range of treatment plans relating to the use of dermal fillers
  • Be able to administer dermal fillers
  • Be able to address adverse effects, arising from the use of dermal fillers, using hyaluronidase

Practice of Botulinum Toxin Use in Aesthetic Medicine (Elective)

  • Be able to perform client assessments relating to the use of botulinum toxin
  • Be able to develop a range of treatment plans relating to the use of botulinum toxin
  • Be able to administer botulinum toxin
Our Level 7 online learning allows you to study in your own time and at your own pace.
The practical course format is combined with seven critical units of theory delivered through our VLE resulting in approximately 210 hours of learning.

Principles of Dermatology in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Understand the structure and function of the skin and hair
  • Understand the impacts of age and dermatological condition upon the skin
  • Understand the use of dermatologically focussed tools and products

Principles of Cosmetic Psychology in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Understand the factors that influence the desire for cosmetic procedures.
  • Understand Mental health conditions that may impact treatment, how to screen for these and manage appropriately in the setting of Aesthetic medicine

Principles of Ageing and Photoageing in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Understand the impact of age, intrinsic and extrinsic factors on the ageing process.
  • Understand the use of dermatologically focused tools of assessment and their relevance to aesthetic treatment.
  • Understand the effects of UV light on the skin ageing process

Principles of Treatment in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Understanding the importance of individualised treatment with reference to Aesthetic medicine.
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of aesthetic practitioners.
  • Understanding the need for specific aftercare advice and how to best deliver this to clients.

Principles of History, Ethics, and Law in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Understand the moral theories and principles that have influenced healthcare.
  • Understand the range of ethical issues that may arise and how one would approach these in relation to aesthetic medicine.
  • Understand product liability and the legal principles around advertising in the cosmetic industry.

Principles of Botulinum Toxin Use in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Understand the biochemistry and mechanisms of action of botulinum toxin
  • Understand the facial and neck anatomy relevant to the use of botulinum toxin within aesthetic medicine
  • Understand the risks and the management options, referring to adverse effects, associated with botulinum toxin administration

Principles of Dermal Filler Use in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Understand the biochemistry and mechanisms of action of dermal fillers
  • Understand the facial anatomy relevant to the use of dermal fillers within aesthetic medicine
  • Understand a range of techniques for the application of dermal fillers
  • Understand the risks and the management options, referring to adverse effects, associated with dermal filler administration

During the theory stage of the course, three assignments need to be completed.

  • Assignment 1 – This assignment is to show you have a working knowledge of the physiology of skin ageing and understand the need, process, and have the ability to carry out an advanced skin assessment.
  • Assignment 2 – In this assignment, you will show an understanding of the importance of professional conduct in medical aesthetic therapies. Know the key regulations, legislative influences and responsibilities relating to medical aesthetic therapies. Understand advanced contra-actions, hygiene issues and medical emergencies of specific concern to medical aesthetic therapies.
  • Assignment 3 – In this assignment, you will display a knowledge of the types of dermal filler, specific usage, the use of Hyalase and managing adverse reaction. Managing expectations, law and process of prescribing, safe and appropriate storage of dermal filler.

Dr Michelle Westcott
MB.BCh(Wits) B.Nurs (Wits) Dip. Trauma & Emergencies. Adv.Dip. Aesthetic Medicine.(FPD)
Aesthetic Practitioner | Injectable Mentor

With over 16 years in aesthetic medicine, Dr Michelle Westcott is a master trainer. Michelle teaches a broad remit of aesthetic medicine including PDO threads, Silhouette Soft, Skin boosters, varied advanced filler modalities. Dr Michelle loves teaching: ” I am constantly learning, training and updating my skills, as I believe that knowledge is the most precious gift anyone can possess. Aesthetic Medicine is a field I feel extremely passionate about and I  strive daily to maintain the highest possible standards and strive to make patient safety and amazing aesthetic outcomes my priority.

Dr Emily Casey, BA (Mod), MB BCh BAO, MICGP, MBPsS, MPsSI

Aesthetic Practitioner | Injectable Mentor

Dr Emily Casey, is a dual-qualified Coaching Psychologist and General Practitioner plus a graduate of ATAI. Dr Emily moved into the role of toxin peer training. Emily has performed thousands of Botox® procedures many of our delegates spend a day or two with Emily within our clinical training programme.

Dr Asta Agasarova
Aesthetic Doctor |

Dr Asta Agasarova has a double master’s degree in medicine and surgery in Russia and Italy, with a background as a Neurologist in Moscow, and then worked in the Mater Hospital in Dublin, specialising in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases. While working as a neurologist in Russia she became interested in the use of neurotoxins like Botox to treat neurological movement disorders.

Lynn Murdock, RGN
Aesthetic Practitioner | Injectable Mentor

Lynn has worked as part of the ATAI team for several years, is a graduate of the skin complete course and has completed her certificate in education and training. Lynn is the main tutor for Dermal filler training also teaches masterclasses in tissue stimulators. When she is not teaching, she carries out a range of treatments from non- injectable to injectable treatments.

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a course that understands your education

You know aesthetic medicine is growing year on year, after all, it is why you are here and looking at this course. Entering aesthetics through ATAI means you have access to sector leading medical devices just like the Exceed Micro-Needling device, the first FDA approved pen for treating scar tissue.

Medically targeted course content

Evidence base aesthetic medicine might be a sector of the beauty industry, but it is not beauty therapy. Course content is rigorously researched, what is taught at ATAI always has an evidence base for treatments that produce a dermal structural change, unlike beauty therapy which is purely cosmetic.

Dr. Sarah Marie Nicholson

Subject matter expert

Injectables should often be the last procedure not the first

While injectable cosmetics provide outstanding and often as is the case with dermal filler immediate results, the overall visual enhancement is only as good as the canvas. If the client’s skin is in poor health, UV damage, a lacklustre appearance, suffering from skin conditions then often the patient’s satisfaction is also lacking. Injectable cosmetics should be the final touch to the client’s appearance, not the first step. This inside-out approach, addressing skin health first to lift the patient’s skin to optimal skin health can be viewed as best practices in aesthetic care.

Apart from the increased client satisfaction it also provides the practitioner with a more billable skillset and a much more employable set of skills. Clients today are looking for practitioners that can address all their skin concerns not just provide injectables. For nurses looking for employment in specialist skin clinics, employers are looking for skin specialists that can offer more than injectables. Skin care specialists are highly sought after in the industry and as nurses and doctors, you can provide a unique remit of skills that set you apart from general therapists.

Laura Martin, RN

Aesthetics Clinical Lead

injectables training with ATAI

Since our launch into injectable cosmetics training, ATAI has quickly become the prefered educational partner for many doctors and nurses. Our commitment to quality training, our use of modern online learning aids and exceptional trainers provides an engaging and memorable learning experience.


  • Taught by doctors & nurses
  • We only train qualified healthcare professionals
  • Help with product purchasing
  • Deep theory & practical training structure
  • CPD Accredited
  • Unlimited practical clinics

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18aug10:00 amAesthetics Skin CompleteBeginner, foundation

22sep10:00 amAesthetics Skin CompleteBeginner, foundation

20oct10:00 amAesthetics Skin CompleteBeginner, foundation

17nov10:00 amAesthetics Skin CompleteBeginner, foundation

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