Foundation day in anti-wrinkle and facial filler injections

The first step of the Level 7 qualification – designed for Doctors & Dentists

If you wish to join the waiting list please email us here – The course is not yet available but will launch soon.

Our foundation day in anti-wrinkle and facial filler injections is your first step into the expanding injectable cosmetics sector. It is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the Level 7 Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine and those that wish to take the entire Level 7 course; the foundation day is the first step of that qualification. Are you a nurse? We have a course specifically designed for you, please look into our dermal filler course for nurses.

Course structure

Introduction to dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, led by educator Dr Kelly.

  • Patient selection
  • Facial anatomy
  • Injection technique
  • Contraindications
  • Aftercare

Practical demonstration

  • Basic administering of anti-wrinkle and facial filler injections

Hands-on practical

  • Administer of Dermal Fillers to treat nasolabial folds, marionette lines, basic cheek augmentation, lip augmentation, and oral commissures.
  • Usage of Botulinum Toxin for crow’s feet, glabellar, and frontalis

What is the cost of the foundation course?

The total cost of the course is €1025

Do you have a payment plan option?

Yes, we have an option to pay off the course through manageable monthly payments. A down payment of 50 percent is required and the balance can be managed over 6 monthly payments.

Who is able to attend this course?

  • The course is only open to Degree holding Level 6 doctors and dentists,
  • Valid and current registration with a regulated board is required.

Will I get to administer injectables on the day?

Yes, ATAI places a large emphasis on practical training. We supply models for the training day and you will be guided by the course Doctor.

Do I need to bring a model on the day for my training?

ATAI provide all models for your training, we aim to make the day as simple as possible for our candidates. However, if you wish to come along with your own model we have provision for that. If you wish to bring your own model please contact us here, there is a small charge to the model to cover the injectable products.

I am a beauty therapist can I attend this course?

Sorry, but as beauty therapists are unregulated, thus there is no accountability for malpractice and due to insurance policies you are unable to attend our injectable training courses. However, we do have courses in the aesthetics sector that suit your skill set.

Do I need my own insurance?

No, for the foundation day course our insurance covers you. However, once you have received your certificate you will be required to seek your own insurance.

Can I practice after completing this course?

While this course enables you to practice, we strongly advise using the course as an introduction to the Level 7 qualification. Although it does meet regulatory requirements, the skills learnt through the Level 7 including ethical practice and understanding ‘at risk groups’ is invaluable. It also future proofs your qualification, while it is not yet mandatory for practitioners to hold a Level 7 qualification, we do expect this to become a soft regulation over the next two years.

ATAI strive to provide the highest quality in deliverable education, our core focus on allied health professionals in the remit of cosmetic injectables displays our emphasis on ethical training for the aesthetic sector. While many training providers with euro in their eyes facilitate courses to non-medical health professionals, ATAI sees that trend as something to be very concerned about. Safety for the general public must be the first consideration with injectable cosmetics. No matter if you are an allied health professional or a member of the general public you too should be concerned with people providing training for injectables to unregulated candidates. The only people that lose from this practice is the general public, who can be and often are, mentally and or physically scarred for life.