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HarmonyCA by Allergan Aesthetics

HArmonyCa with Lidocaine, Allergan Aesthetics’ first double-acting injectable, meets the demand for increasingly sophisticated non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

HarmonyCa with Lidocaine aims to address the multidimensional needs of facial ageing in a way that most single agents cannot.

As a new-generation collagen bio stimulator, it combines hyaluronic acid (HA) and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) in a single injection with no need for reconstitution for an immediate lifting effect provided by (HA), and sustained collagen stimulation offered by (CaHA).

Course fee €1450

Our continued support for the latest procedures in the Irish market is extended with HarmonyCA by Allergan Aesthetics. A dual-action product that provides some lifting with stimulation of type 1 collagen through combining Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA). The single injection product supports new scaffolding for the lower face by stimulating collagen and elastin production and the usage of (HA).

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) provides the initial lifting, while Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA) provides the continued lifting through the building of Type 1 collagen for long-term results. Classified as a BIO Stimulator, HarmonyCA indicates the continued trend within the aesthetics sector of regenerative skin health. 

HarmonyCA Ireland

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Aesthetic Doctor
Michelle Westcott

With over 16 years in aesthetic medicine, Dr Michelle Westcott is a master trainer. Michelle teaches a broad remit of aesthetic medicine including PDO threads, Silhouette Soft, Skin boosters, varied advanced filler modalities. Dr Michelle loves teaching: ” I am constantly learning, training and updating my skills, as I believe that knowledge is the most precious gift anyone can possess. Aesthetic Medicine is a field I feel extremely passionate about and I  strive daily to maintain the highest possible standards and strive to make patient safety and amazing aesthetic outcomes my priority.

As a procedure

Suitable for experienced practitioners, HarmonyCA is injected into the mid and lower face (cheek and jawline) and provides immediate results due to the hybrid nature of the product. HArmonyCa can lift, contour, and enhance areas of the face like the cheeks, lower face, and jowls and improve elasticity over time. This means it could reduce signs of ageing, such as fine lines, volume loss, and thinning skin, by helping restore a natural ‘bounce’ by the production of elastin and collagen.

Procedure cautions:

  • No other aesthetic treatments pre or post HarmonyCA for 4 weeks
  • More invasive treatments, such as RF/Thermage, would need to wait six months
  • No other Biostimulators (Ellanse, Lanluma, Radiesse, Sculptra) for 12 months
  • Cannot have Silhouette Soft/PDO Threads before or after for 12 months

After procedure

While results can be seen immediately, patients should be informed, like with any BIO Stimulator, that results build after a three-month period due to the stimulation effects of collagen production. After procedures are similar to any dermal filler procedure, with slight swelling, tenderness at the injection site, and the possibility of some bruising, patients may experience some swelling. Still, all symptoms should dissipate within a short period of time.

Complementing training

Skin Boosters provide the perfect complementing treatment; we offer a comprehensive course for multiple brands of skin boosters. Providing a treatment pathway for your patients delivers better aesthetic outcomes and ultimately happier clients. Talk to us today and grow your career.

Jalupro Superhydro Protocol

How much is the HarmonyCA training?

Our HarmonyCA training course is €1450 with a deposit of €500

I am a beauty therapist or non medical professional can I attend this training?

Sorry due to insurance protocols and the problem of beauty therapy being an unregulated qualification, we are unable to facilitate training for beauty therapists or nonmedical professionals. We delegate a medical professional as an NMBI registered nurse or midwife, IMC registered doctors, and dental council of Ireland dentists. International delegates are welcome and will also have to verify qualifications and current membership to a medical board.

Do I need to bring my own model?

No, we provide all models for the practical component of the course. If you do wish to bring along a model, please let us know at the time of enrolment.

Who is able to attend this training?

Nurses and doctors can attend this course. We only accept NMBI registered nurses, IMC & Dental Council Ireland, doctors with current valid registration.

Is there a practical component to the training?

Yes, the course is structured with the delivery of theory of approximately 30 hours through our virtual learning environment. In addition, the practical days see you observing injectable treatment plus hands-on administering of skin boosters. All our courses have a strong focus on practical skills.

Do I need specific coverage for HArmonyCA on my insurance?

No, our insurance covers you on the practical treatment days. Once you have qualified, you will, of course, need to update your insurance to cover the new treatments.

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