Rewarding Careers

Ireland’s leading medical aesthetic clinics and skin clinics look to A.T.A.I. for well-trained professional aesthetic practitioners. When you train with A.T.A.I. a rewarding well-paid career is already waiting for you. 

Working in the aesthetics sector

Be ready to earn

Yes, some on-the-job training is always provided and often required. However, aesthetic clinics are not training providers, and as such, they need practitioners that are ready to go. Clinics have also identified that one-day foundation courses do not cut it when you are looking to employ practitioners ready to earn.

When you train with A.T.A.I., a well-paid career is already waiting for you.

Soon as you have finished your course, we can place you for employment. Although, you will need passion, professionalism and genuine aptitude for treatments and procedures.

Everyone has their own career goals.

Are you looking for full-time employment? Maybe you want a part-time gig while still working in the hospital or practice, no problem at all. We can facilitate what you are looking for with the right employer.

Career days

We run career info days and evenings; one of our clinic partners will often host the event, and you can ask about working for their brand. Short on time? No worries, you can also remotely log into our career info days like a webinar, ask questions remotely and gain a feel for the employer.

Training that grows your career

Once you have completed your foundation training and secured employment, you can return to A.T.A.I. to progress your career and skillet. Our follow-on training also satisfies all your CPD requirements.

How much can I earn?

That depends on what you are looking for. We have full-time PAYE employment with pension and benefits that start at 115k per annum. There are contracting options, work two or three days per week on a contractual basis—part-time PAYE employment. We have the option ready and waiting for you no matter what job you want. Aesthetic medicine is like any career; the more you put in, the more you get out. For the suitable candidates, it is rewarding and immensely well paid.

Work in Ireland or the UK

Several of the employers we work with are international. Work in Ireland or the United Kingdom; depending on VISA’s, we might even be able to place you in America. Currently, the UK and Ireland are the main employment opportunities, but international employment is possible. When it comes to aesthetic medicine, anything is possible.

A rewarding aesthetic medicine career starts with the best training in the sector.

We did not seek to be a recruitment partner for Ireland and UK’s leading aesthetic medicine clinics. Employers identified our graduates as head and shoulders above other practitioners, and they came to us. We pride ourselves on delivering some of the best aesthetic medicine training in the sector. We constantly strive to do better, to provide more value, and because of that, you are rewarded for selecting A.T.A.I. to facilitate your aesthetics medicine career.