Code of Ethics 

A framework, for quality education
ATAI operate within the framework of quality assurance; we provide a solutions system for addressing all operational tasks, this includes, but is not limited to, operational procedures, complaints handling, machine maintenance and student/teacher conduct.

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Aesthetic Training Academy Ireland (ATAI) Limited desire to promote the highest standards of ethical practice and promote a professional behaviour of staff and learners. Enrolling in an ATAI course and gaining employment within the ATAI academy is an acceptance of these standards. Employees and students make a pledge to uphold and adhere to all aspects of our shared standards and ethos.


ATAI and representatives shall not discriminate with regard to race, colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, political opinion, or disability. They will also endeavour to understand and protect the civil and human rights of all individuals.

ATAI staff should:

  • Maintain a high degree of multicultural awareness and shall be knowledgeable about and adhere to all applicable laws and statutes with respect to non-discrimination

  • Periodically review practices, procedures, and actual results to assure that discrimination has not occurred and is not occurring


ATAI and representatives will not engage in behaviour, actions, or media, be that printed or electronic (social media) that could cast a negative view on either ATAI or regulatory boards. This includes but is not limited to using abusive language, discriminatory language, talking negatively about ATAI staff, fellow students or regulatory boards. Legitimate grievances should be dealt with through the provided dispute and complaint framework.

Professional Competency and Behaviour

As official representatives of an institution, dealing with students may require counsel on many levels.

Representatives should:

  • be polite, honest and candid in their interaction with others

  • refrain from offering information outside their area of competence or authority

Individuals shall:

  • maintain high standards of professional conduct, act with integrity, and in a manner that will contribute to the positive image of ATAI and representatives.

Staff shall;

  • be knowledgeable about the academy, its policies and programs, admission requirements, costs and fees, learner support, and other relevant factors that will impact a learner’s decision-making process.

Principles of Good Practice

  • be educated in all aspects of their courses and ATAI procedures

  • be provided with accurate and current material about the academy

  • be provided with instructions where and how to get additional information or answers to questions they cannot handle

  • Individuals shall act at all times in the best interest of learners or prospective learners and shall offer advice in order to provide information in a manner consistent with this principle.

Ethical behaviour should:

Be accompanied by respect and courtesy to others in the profession

Professional behaviour includes:

  • Showing respect for the diversity of viewpoints found among colleaguesRefraining from unjustified or unseemly criticism of fellow members, other institutions, and other organisations

  • Making certain when participating in joint activities that collaborators receive due credit for their contributions

  • Using their office, title, and professional associations only for the conduct of official business

  • Individuals representing non-member institutions shall be required to agree to uphold and follow the ATAI Code of Ethics when participating in any ATAI-sponsored event or program.