Learner Induction

A framework, for quality education
ATAI operate within the framework of quality assurance; we provide a solutions system for addressing all operational tasks, this includes, but is not limited to, operational procedures, complaints handling, machine maintenance and student/teacher conduct.

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Aims and objectives

ATAI endeavour to facilitate a safe and effective learning environment, we aim to provide all the necessary information as well as guidance in starting their course. A core value of ATAI is sociability, we believe it enhances the learning process ultimately leading to a more rewarding learning experience.

Scope of the policy

All courses that ATAI deliver are applicable to this policy.

The induction

Our induction process is carried out on a face-to-face basis. All new learners are required to participate in an orienteering day where all facets of the academy are introduced to the new learners. Learners receive an introduction to any equipment they will be using during their course. The orientation day takes place before course commencement and includes occupational health and safety, fire safety, toilet facilities, break, food and water arrangements moreover any other information necessary for the learner’s safety and comfort.

Introduction to the training course

  • Aims and objectives of the training courseIntroduce the tutor(s) and/or assessor(s) that will be working with the student(s)

  • Explain the course timetable including an explanation of the course structure

  • The introduction of the learners and integration

  • Discuss attendance procedures and lunch breaks

Encouraging a sociable learning environment

Learners are encouraged to talk to each other, introduce themselves to fellow learners. ATAI use a blended learning education model, and differing training styles enabling learning for all students, therefore, the academy does not perform a learning style assessment as part of the induction process.

Policies and procedures

The induction process provides sufficient explanation in our academies policies and procedures as well as explaining the learners and staff’s rights and responsibilities. Learners are also introduced to the following policies and procedures:

  • Code of Ethics

  • Malpractice & Maladministration Policy

  • Complaints Policy and Procedure

  • Appeals and Review Procedure

  • Teaching and Learning Policy and Principles


The Academy’s educator will introduce the learners to all training resources, this includes an introduction to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) making sure all learners have a valid login and understand the platform.

Learner’s feedback

We are committed to listening to all our learners, therefore we welcome feedback from them.

Staff introduction

Our staff will aim to integrate themselves with learners during tutor/assessor activities.


The induction will explain the assessment process in detail. Learners are encouraged to ask questions to ensure that they are fully aware of their assessment arrangements.


Finalising the induction process, staff will be answering learner’s questions ensuring all learners know who to contact in case they have any further questions.

Follow up

During the training course, staff will re-enforce the induction topics to check if the learners still understand all the information given at the induction date.

Monitoring of the policy

This policy will be reviewed annually by the management team