Models Wanted

Thinking about laser hair removal, maybe you have a few thread veins you would like removed, even pigmentation from one too many trips to Spain. You might be interested in becoming a laser and light model for ATAI.

Experienced, industry professionals

ATAI students are experienced, industry professionals and ATAI expert trainers oversee all treatment courses. You are in safe hands being a laser and light model with the bonus of minimal cost. As an ATAI model, you receive the same level of customer care and service as if you were a client in our laser clinic.

As a laser hair removal, IPL,  or advanced corrective skincare model, you get to experience best practices in laser treatment.

A GENUINE 75% off Laser & Light Therapy
Become a laser and light model for
ATAI Aesthetic Training Academy Ireland

Example pricing

Hair Removal

  • Lip €10
  • Chin €20
  • Lip and chin €25
  • Full face €39
  • Full face & neck €49
  • Underarms €25
  • Bikini €25
  • Snail Trail Tummy line €10

Laser hair removal

Fast and effective laser hair removal for light and dark skin. Suitable for all people considering hair removal, face, arms, legs, bikini line. Suitable for men too, removing chest, back, shoulders, even ear hair. A typical hair removal course is between 4 to 8 treatments at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks.

Thread/Red/Spider Vein Vascular Laser Treatment

Give yourself a confidence boost by removing those bothersome thread veins. A vascular laser is fast with minimal discomfort, and typically only one or two sessions are needed. Technically known as telangiectasias, common to the face, nose, and legs, spider veins are one of the most common vascular concerns in Ireland.

Pigmentation, (age spots or sun spot) laser removal

Age, exposure to the sun, pigmentation is a common skin condition easily treated with a laser. Sun spots, age spots, even freckles can be treated with laser light therapy. The light from the laser device breaks down the pigmentation into micro particles that the body naturally removes. You are left with a more youthful appearance and an evener skin tone.

Micro Skin Needling

Skin Needling or Derma Rolling is an advanced scar tissue treatment and anti-wrinkle alternative to injectables. Skin needling has revolutionised anti-ageing treatment. The use of a medical grade titanium derma roller creates thousands of tiny pinpricks into the dermis where specialist serums can penetrate deeply. When combined with IPL and boosting serums Micro needling is more effective than laser resurfacing of the skin. The treatment works with the bodies natural healing response. Collagen & skin cell production is heightened, through the delivery of specialised serums deep within the dermis.