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Who said the life of a model was demanding

Almost free laser treatments being a laser and light model

As far as we are aware ATAI is the first laser training academy in Ireland that provides models for learners. Leaving it up to the student to find a suitable model is fraught with problems. They turn up with people on medication, the wrong skin type, unable to allow enough time for the treatment, or just cannot find enough models for the course requirements.

To us, it just made no sense to put so much pressure on the learners to find models for treatment and often bypassing key criteria’s for treatment with laser and light machines, for example, patch tests and the initial skin consultation.

Being a model for learners has responsibilities on both sides. The model has to understand that foremost they are there for the student. Often, prospective models have not been informed ‘by the student’ that it is not a typical treatment time. They arrive time poor, with no patch test beforehand and the learner often has no idea of their medical history.

ATAI takes the stress away for our learners and for the model, everyone wins.

Providing models for our learners made sense on every level. The student gains a model that suits the case study. The model gains a laser or light treatment after correct procedures have been followed. A patch test and skin consultation the same as would be performed in our skin clinic. The laser and light model is treated under strict supervision and the bonus of paying a nominal fee.

ATAI is all about creating an exceptional outcome in education while facilitating professional treatments for our models. Are you are interested in becoming an ATAI laser and light model? We would love to hear from you.


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