Laser Training Courses

clinical environment,
multi-platform lasers & IPL systems.

ITEC Level 4 Diploma in Laser & Light

Covering both Laser & IPL therapies the ITEC course gains the delegate a strong understanding of light-based treatments. Currently delivered in the classroom environment split between theory classes and practical skills training. Learners gain the advantage of real-world case studies on provided models using the correct treatment protocols.

ITEC Level 5 Certificate in Tattoo Removal

The level 5 in tattoo removal is a progression qualification from the Level 4 in Laser & Light. An awarding body prerequisite is to have completed the level 4 course in line with latest guidelines in training from the JCCP/HEE. We offer a streamlined qualification path for delegates without their level 4 qualification.

The level 5 in tattoo removal if a regulated formal qualification and will provide you with the knowledge and skills to operate in a safe and ethical manner while adhering to insurance requirements.

Please note we have new courses in advanced laser training launching late 2018 and early 2019. Due to changes in the training industry, new courses were delayed from the awarding bodies.

New courses coming include:

  • Radio Frequency
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Carbon Facial
  • Advanced Pigmentation and Vascular Lesion Removal

Before you sign up for another providers course, ask the questions:

  • Will you teach with Laser & IPl or just an IPL machine?
  • Do you provide the Laser Core of Knowledge Course in your syllabus?
  • Are your case studies on real people using the correct treatment protocols and equipment?
  • Do you supply models, pre-screened and patch tested?
  • Are your courses adhering to the latest guidelines in training from the JCCP & CPSA or the HEE Qualification Requirements for Delivery of Cosmetic Procedures?

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Better client outcomes through a robust training model

ATAI provides a completely different training model to any other provider in Ireland. Case studies are performed in combination with pre-screened models and using the correct treatment protocols and technology for each case study, this includes Laser & IPL platforms. Unique in Ireland and provides the learner with much-needed hands-on experience that theory alone cannot provide. We deliver the Laser Core of Knowledge (CoK) course, underpinning the course (course dependent). The Core of Knowledge represents a body of knowledge that underpins the safe use of lasers in clinical practice. It is intended to be undertaken by all staff using a laser (class 3 and 4) and non‐laser (IPL and LED) light sources in a range of applications, including medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practices.

Our laser hair removal courses teach you with Laser platforms, not IPL

To the best of our knowledge, ATAI is the only training academy that provides access to multiple platform laser technology and IPL systems. Our courses provide practical experience using Alexandrite, NDYAG, and Diode based Laser platforms in addition to IPL.

ITEC Recognised as the industry-leading accreditation body

ATAI is an ITEC Approved Training Collage DublinThere is simply nothing more important for the Laser & Light Skin Specialist than the training they receive. ITEC, (The International Therapy Examination Council,) has facilitated world-recognised qualifications since 1973. Having an ITEC qualification is your gateway to the world. Recognised in over 33 countries including, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

ATAI believe the best way to change an industry is to be what you believe the industry should reflect. ATAI have the framework in place to facilitate a better model for training on laser and light machinery and addressing the lack of quality assured processes that take in OH&S (occupational health and safety). Unlike nearly every training centre in Ireland, ATAI has the machinery that is used in the clinical environment and the experience needed to facilitate excellence in clinical training.

With career learning pathways into Level 5 and above, the only thing missing from ATAI training is YOU.