Level 5 Tattoo Removal Training Course

Gain an accredited Level 5 qualification in tattoo removal

  • Awarding Body: ITEC
  • Accreditation: 603/2907/5
  • RQF: Level 5
  • NFQ: Level 7 (Ireland)

Tattoo removal is fast becoming a wanted skill for many tattoo parlours and laser skin clinics. With new guidelines in training insurance companies are starting to look for qualifications specific to the modality the clinic or individual performs. The aim of this course is to develop the delegates underpinning knowledge, understanding and practical skills to enable them to provide a professional tattoo fading or removal treatment. Delegates will learn how to recognise different tattoo types and identify the clients suitable for treatment, at the same time as developing an understanding of the lasers and wavelengths used for the treatment of different ink pigments alongside other factors that may affect the rate of tattoo clearance.

Modules Outline

All our courses follow a progression path from Level 4 to Level 7. Level 4 is the foundation course and you will need to have completed a level 4 in laser & light before taking the level 5 course, it is a prerequisite of the awarding body to possess a level 4 qualification.

This module will enable learners to develop a working knowledge of the principals and practices of the aesthetics sector. It is designed to develop an understanding of the history, safety, legal and insurance obligations and how professional bodies influence the sector. You will display a working knowledge of the methods and processes that facilitate a safe working practice conforming to jurisdiction legislation where you are working.

Delegates will also start to develop an understanding of how to evaluate and access research materials relevant to their subject area whilst at the same time develop skills and knowledge of how to collate information for evidence-based practice within the aesthetics sector.

On completion of this unit learners will:

  • Understand the development of aesthetic therapies
  • Recognise the benefits and limitations of clinically proven aesthetic therapies
  • Understand the key regulatory guidelines, legislative influence and responsibilities relating to aesthetic therapies
  • Understand advanced contra-actions, hygiene issues and medical emergencies of specific concern to aesthetic therapies

The unit is designed to develop the knowledge while providing the skills for correct client assessment for advanced aesthetic therapies.

This unit is about understanding the principles of client care when providing professional consultations for advanced aesthetic therapies. Delegates will develop the knowledge and skills required to prepare for and undertake detailed consultations, demonstrating an understanding of the need for client consent. How to work within the limit of own competence, the requirement of always conducting one’s own consultation and the necessity of allowing time for a cooling off period prior to the treatment.

Learners will develop an understanding of the importance of considering the client’s psychological needs when consulting and advanced therapies. Improving communication skills, and how to identify and advise on suitable treatment options and communicate realistic and appropriate treatment objectives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how effective communication and professional behaviours contribute to client trust
  • Understand methods and processes for gaining information through consultation
  • Know the importance of completing a thorough consultation
  • Know the information required when completing and consultation
  • Know the requirements for recording procedures

This unit is about advanced skin analysis techniques. It will enable learners to enhance their understanding of skin, developing their comprehension of the analysis procedure and advance their understanding of the ageing process and its effects on the skin. A more thorough understanding will enable learners to formulate a detailed treatment plan to address the client’s specific and individual needs, ensuring health, safety and unique requirements are met.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the physiology of skin ageing
  • Understand advanced skin assessment
  • Prepare for advanced skin assessment

Provide advanced skin assessment

This unit sets out to equip the learner with the skills and knowledge to operate laser tattoo removal machines regardless of brand or laser technology.

Q-Switched lasers produce extremely brief pulses of energy. Both nanosecond lasers (billionths of a second pulses) and picosecond lasers (trillionth of a second pulses) are types of Q-switched lasers.

This unit is a combination of classroom theory and practical lessons. Each learner will perform a minimum of 20 tattoo removal sessions from initial consultation through to delivery of the procedure. Correct client selection and managing expectations, the ability to correctly identify tattoo types while building a working knowledge of the lasers and wavelengths used in tattoo removal.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know safety considerations when providing removal or fading of tattoos
  • Understand how to provide treatments to remove or fade tattoos
  • Know the relevant anatomy, physiology and pathology for removal or fading of tattoos
  • Be able to consult, plan and prepare for removal or fading of tattoos
  • Be able to provide treatments to remove or fade tattoos

All our courses are compliant with the latest directives in training from the JCCP. The above modules form a foundation of knowledge and skills for operating within the aesthetics sector.


How much is this course?

We have an introductory special of €3450.00 including all registration and examination fees.

I don't have a Level 4 laser qualification can I attend this course?

It is a requirement of the awarding body to have a Level 4 Laser Qualification. If you need to complete the level 4 course, we can offer you a streamlined process.

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