Laser training on laser machines

Is it not just common sense?

Does it make sense that you can study a laser and IPL course qualifying you to use laser platforms without ever touching a laser machine? Sounds ludicrous doesn’t it, a bit like doing a forklift licence in a mini. Although, that is the state of training in the laser & light sector.

When you learn with ATAI, we actually teach you on a laser platform for the components of the course relevant to laser treatments. When it comes to the IPL parts of the course, you are taught on an IPL platform. I know, it really is just common sense, while providing the learner with invaluable experience building a treatment portfolio of real-world case studies.

This issue of learners being awarded laser qualifications without ever touching a laser machine has never sat well with us. So we took the case to the awarding bodies to voice our concerns. We found out that there are voices within the awarding bodies that also think this is well, ludicrous. Steps are being taken within the awarding bodies to separate the qualifications. We are not sure exactly when it will come into effect. Although, soon, training organisations that only teach learners on IPL platforms will only be able to issue a certificate specific to that platform.

We have also been speaking with the insurance companies; they too think it is ludicrous and part of the reason there are elevated claims for unwanted clinical endpoints or in terms the general public use, too many burns. The insurance companies also want to see certification specific to the energy device the learner was educated to use.

It is why learning with ATAI is a lesson in common sense; we have always viewed laser training as something performed on a laser device. The same with IPL training, so now you know why training with ATAI for your laser & light qualifications is the better option. You actually learn using the correct energy device.

Maybe that is why ATAI is creating tomorrows industry leaders, today.