Laser Training News – November, Ireland

Did you know that ITEC one of the most recognisable industry accreditation providers has merged with VTCT?

VTCT is well known in the UK beauty sector. ITEC has always been the international standard in awarding organisations. VTCT acquiring ITEC and joining forces allows a greater range of qualifications and courses.

From 1 October 2017, ITEC’s awarding function will formally be carried out by VTCT. Please be fully assured that ITEC qualifications, certificates and the ITEC brand will continue to be supported as normal, the only difference being that qualifications will be awarded by VTCT as the Ofqual recognised awarding organisation.

This next stage in the development of VTCT and ITEC working together will continue to ensure global leadership in health, beauty and hairdressing education and assessment.

Following the HEE Lead

Back in November 2015, Health Education England (HEE) released a report outlining recommendations for the aesthetics sector. Based on these recommendations the industry is implementing many of these proposals to facilitate a higher standard of training and competence for the industry. Anyone that has followed ATAI would know we have been a solid voice in the need to take our industries training to a higher standard.

Understanding the HEE Aesthetic Training Guidelines

An industry that had to change

The HEE undertook the studies and recommendation for improving how the aesthetic sector functions for an understandable core reason.

The current landscape that the HEE guidelines are responding to:

  •    No legal restrictions on who purchase and perform aesthetic procedures.
  •    Limited qualification options.
  •    An absence of accredited training courses in an increasingly lucrative & expanding industry (worth over €3.8 billion)

We are in Ireland so why are we following the directives of a UK based body?

As mentioned, we have voiced our concern at the lack of standards in the sector; the HEE report addresses our concerns while facilitating a level of training suiting the sector. ITEC & VTCT are UK based and are already implementing many of the recommendations while launching new accredited courses to reflect same.

While awarding bodies like ITEC provided courses for beauty, the rapidly changing face of the aesthetics sector left a gap in the training sector. We have often highlighted the problems with current training with the high degree of insurance claims and clients gaining unfavourable outcomes.

Even in the UK adoption of the new course and training structure is voluntary at present. While that is likely to change soon enough, we believe it is to our learners and clients best interests that ATAI adopt the recommendations. It will improve public safety and raise standards of training and professionalism within the industry.

Manufacturers, distributors &
beauty collages

Companies involved in the supply chain of aesthetic equipment will be required by 2020 to adhere to a minimum level of training. Also, machinery brought into the EU under CE (electronics) will be necessary to either resubmit for classification under CE Medical Device or the equipment replaced. The industry is fundamentally changing to reflect the technology-driven sector it has become.

For manufacturers and distributors, ATAI offers a cost-effective accredited training option for your company. With in-house training and brand-specific on-site training options. Contact us today, and we can tailor a training solution to suit your businesses specific needs.

Beauty Colleges

Why allow your students to be taught on IPL equipment when they can train on multiple platform laser technology. ATAI is the only college in the Republic with multiple technology laser machines. Our Laser courses give learners an invaluable hands-on experience with case studies performed on pre-screened models using the correct treatment protocols. Contact ATAI today and we can deliver Laser & Light training for your students, cost-effective outsourced training was never easier with ATAI.


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