ITEC Level 4 

Certificate in Skin Peeling

The ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Skin Peeling represents the industry shift into Level 4 as the minimum qualification for performing aesthetic treatments.

  • Awarding Body: ITEC
  • Accreditation: 603/2910/5
  • RQF Level 4

Chemical Peels are a foundational treatment in the facialists toolkit, treating a broad range of skin conditions and used in the fight against premature ageing. BHA/AHA Facial Peels can work in combination with Skin Needling and IPL therapy. Like all advanced treatments, they are not without risk and thus correct training is important for providing the best outcome for clients.

While many brands exist we concentrate on the active ingredients Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) and (AHA) or alpha hydroxy Acids. Teaching the science behind the products allows learners to understand better the products they are using and aids in brand selection.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1: Principles and practice of aesthetic therapies
  • Module 2: Advanced consultation for aesthetic therapies
  • Module 3: Advanced skin care for aesthetic therapies
  • Module 4: Provide skin peeling treatments

Course Learning Structure


Introduction to the eLearning system, introduction to chemical skin peels. General introduction to ATAI, your tutor and support details.


After the orientation day you have access to the eLearning modules, to learn in your own time and at your own pace. During eLearning, you will also submit assignments as outlined in the course content, your tutor will advise you throughout this process.


Once you have completed the eLearning modules you call ATAI to arrange your practical days, these are held on Mondays and Tuesdays for a typical duration of 3 weeks. During your practical training, you build a portfolio of treatment evidence performed on models supplied by ATAI.


After completing all stages of the course we arrange exams at ATAI, and you will be informed of exam dates.


After completing the exams, we notify you of results and present you with your qualifications.

Modules Outline

This module will enable learners to develop a working knowledge of the principals and practices of the aesthetics sector. It is designed to develop an understanding of the history, safety, legal and insurance obligations and how professional bodies influence the sector. You will display a working knowledge of the methods and processes that facilitate a safe working practice conforming to jurisdiction legislation where you are working.

Delegates will also start to develop an understanding of how to evaluate and access research materials relevant to their subject area whilst at the same time develop skills and knowledge of how to collate information for evidence-based practice within the aesthetics sector.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the development of aesthetic therapies
  • Recognise the benefits and limitations of clinically proven aesthetic therapies
  • Understand the key regulatory guidelines, legislative influence and responsibilities relating to aesthetic therapies
  • Understand advanced contra-actions, hygiene issues and medical emergencies of specific concern to aesthetic therapies

The unit is designed to develop the knowledge while providing the skills for correct client assessment for advanced aesthetic therapies.

This unit is about understanding the principles of client care when providing professional consultations for advanced aesthetic therapies. Delegates will develop the knowledge and skills required to prepare for and undertake detailed consultations, demonstrating an understanding of the need for client consent. How to work within the limit of own competence, the requirement of always conducting one’s own consultation and the necessity of allowing time for a cooling off period prior to the treatment.

Learners will develop an understanding of the importance of considering the client’s psychological needs when consulting and advanced therapies. Improving communication skills, and how to identify and advise on suitable treatment options and communicate realistic and appropriate treatment objectives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how effective communication and professional behaviours contribute to client trust
  • Understand methods and processes for gaining information through consultation
  • Know the importance of completing a thorough consultation
  • Know the information required when completing and consultation
  • Know the requirements for recording procedures

This unit is about advanced skin analysis techniques. It will enable learners to enhance their understanding of skin, developing their comprehension of the facial analysis procedure and advance their understanding of the ageing process and its effects on the skin. A more thorough understanding will enable learners to formulate a detailed treatment plan to address the client’s specific and individual needs, ensuring health, safety and unique requirements are met.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the physiology of skin ageing
  • Understand advanced skin assessment
  • Prepare for advanced skin assessment

Provide advanced skin assessment

This unit aims to develop the learner’s knowledge, understanding and practical skills when using superficial skin peeling products and techniques to rejuvenate the condition of the skin. Learners will acquire skills involved to provide a thorough consultation, skin health checks to establish the client’s suitability for treatment and to formulate a specific treatment plan tailored to suit individual client needs. Learners will prepare and apply a range of skin peels as well as providing the relevant pre and post care.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know safety considerations when providing skin peel treatments
  • Understand how to provide skin peel treatments
  • Know the relevant anatomy, physiology and pathologies for skin peeling
  • Be able to consult, plan and prepare for treatment
  • Be able to provide skin peeling treatments

Who is this course for?

We require an NVQ/ITEC/CIBTAC/CIDESCO Beauty Specialists Level 3 or higher qualification for beauty therapists. If you are a nurse or allied health professional that also qualifies you for this course.

Enhance your career

Today clients are looking for specialists in their field, they are more informed and expect a high level of competence. Enhancing your career with specialised training opens your career pathway, your clients can instantly see your integrity as a professional within your field. Our theory and practical course structure provide a deep understanding of the subject while giving practical confidence in the treatments you offer. Follow on your Chemical Peel training with Micro Needling or Laser & Light training.


How much is this course?

The ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Skin Peels is €1750.00 and includes registration and examination fees.

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