Meet the ATAI team

We believe a passion for the industry is paramount to becoming tomorrows leader

ATAI Lecturer


Laser Trainer / Micro Needling / Skin Peels

Nearing two decades of experience in the aesthetics sector, Emma brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Qualified for a broad range of therapies including facial peels, micro needling, laser hair, vascular, skin rejuvenation. Emma is the proprietor of Zest Skin Clinic, a Director of ATAI, and a columnist for Irish Beauty magazine. Emma maintained CPD throughout her career accumulating over 60 brand and industry-specific qualifications. Skin health is a major area of interest. Diagnosed with coeliac disease and IBS, Emma has a vested interest in the role of diet and FODMAPs with IBS. Moreover in the broader interaction of diet and environmental factors and how they influence chronic skin conditions and acne.

Dr Lisa Cunningham, MB Bch BOA MCEMUK

Aesthetic Doctor | Injectable Mentor

Dr Cunningham is an emergency medicine doctor and has a passion for teaching and the aesthetics sector. Lisa is not only an experienced aesthetics practitioner but also for the medical use of botulinum toxin. Lisa shares her passion for medicine with her passion for the GAA and Mayo, and her heart belongs to Mayo even when away. Lisa is also a member of the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps with the rank of Commandant and Dame. The Order of Malta Ambulance Corps is a voluntary ambulance and first aid organisation with over 4,000 volunteers involved in over 80 units across the Island of Ireland.

Dr Orla O’Leary, Mb Bch BAO MICGP

Aesthetic Doctor | Injectable Mentor

Dr O’Leary is a general practitioner and highly experienced in injectable cosmetics. Trained in advanced fillers and complex anti-wrinkle injection technique. Orla specialises in producing the natural look, enhancing features and producing a natural facial symmetry.

Dr Edel Woods BA, B.DentSc

Aesthetic Practitioner | Injectable Mentor

Dr Edel Woods is a facial aesthetics practitioner with a focus on achieving natural results, always. She is passionate about all aspects of facial aesthetics and often uses a combination of treatments to achieve the best aesthetic outcome for her patients. Dr Edel regularly attends training courses and seminars to keep abreast of the latest techniques, products, procedures and trends to ensure her patients are offered the best treatments available. She prides herself on achieving subtle results and believes that, in most cases, a conservative treatment approach is the best way to achieve her signature “untouched” and refreshed look.

Dr Sarah Marie Nicholson, MB BCh BAO (Hons), LRSCI & LRCPI, MRCPI

Subject Matter Expert

Dr Nicholson has been passionate about teaching since before her days at medical school, with a background in both primary and secondary teaching. Since graduating from medical school she has held multiple tutor roles. She continues her penchant for teaching here at ATAI, where she creates and updates course content with the latest scientific advancements.

Laura Martin, RN

Aesthetics Clinical Lead

Laura is an ED nurse with a passion for the aesthetics sector. Qualified in dermal filler you will find Laura overseeing the injectables clinic and also performing dermal filler procedures.

Schira Farrell, RN

Aesthetics Clinical Lead

Schira is an experienced nurse practitioner and an ED nurse for the HSE. Schira runs our practical clinic days, providers mentorship to nurses and doctor support.

Lynn Murdock, RN

Aesthetics Clinical Support

Lynn is a graduate of ATAI and now has taken up a roll in clinical support and performing dermal filler procedures.

Rachael Byrne, RN

Aesthetics Clinical Support

Rachael is a graduate of ATAI and is now in a position of clinical support, administers dermal filler procedures. Rachael also provides micro-needling, chemical skin peels plus laser & light treatments.

Dr Detta Melia, PhD, MBA, M.Sc

Guest Lecturer / Train the Trainer / Teacher Training & Education

A current lecturer at DIT, Detta brings a lifetime of experience in the education sector.

  • Managing Training and Development (Train the Trainer)
  • Communications
  • Customer Care Management
  • Performance Management and Measurement

Dr Melia served on the DIT wide Part-time Programme Committee: the committee that make policy recommendations and offers advice and recommendations regarding the coordination of part-time programme activity to stakeholders and to the Directorate of DIT.