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Aesthetics is your beauty career buzzword

Aesthetics, it has quickly become the buzz word in the beauty sector. While surgical procedures are in decline non-surgical procedures are growing year on year. It is estimated by 2020 that the facial aesthetics industry will be worth some €4.4 billion worldwide. Markets and Markets is a leading provider of industry analysis; they forecast facial aesthetics is set to grow at 9.2% each year all the way through to 2020. Clients are opting for minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment; in part that is also due to the PIP breast implant scandal. With the media highlighting what can and does go wrong with surgical procedures combined with an ageing population and advancements in technology has intensified consumers want for alternatives to surgery.

HEE Report impacts for Ireland

HEE Report and the implications for the Irish aesthetics and beauty industry

Why is it influencing the Irish aesthetics sector?

As many would know ITEC/VTCT, CIBTAC/BABTAC are fundamental in the UK beauty industry, as such training guidelines and training level structuring have been influenced by the HEE reports. Compounding this, other countries, in Asia, as an example, have also been pushing for more regulation and standardisation for better client outcomes and insurance purposes. ITEC/VTCT represents the largest and most respected awarding body for the beauty sector worldwide. With the need for worldwide accredited qualifications also means standardisation. So for them, directives taken on board in the UK have to be implemented throughout the training colleges for uniformity.