New Aesthetic Medicine Training Location

Our new training location is opening in Bray on the Main Street. The first of our new training locations to provide more flexibility to our delegates while providing more convenience to our clients. Our residency programme allows you to hit the ground running, Spend time in our clinics as a practitioner, honing your skills with peer support. This really is a training game changer in aesthetic medicine. Work with the most in-demand products available, Allergan Botox® and Allergan Juvederm dermal filler while still being exposed to other products within the sector and how specific products work with specific indications.

Level 7 Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers

Why our Level 7 Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers Training is taking time to launch

Just because you are a Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, or Paramedic, it does not mean a 1 or two-day course is ‘ethical’ for the delivery of injectable treatment. At a time when the Pip implant scandal led the way to the Keogh Report and the HEE report delivering us to a new standard in training, I do find it very depressing to see courses not adhering to the hard lessons that have been learnt, or it would seem not learnt at all.

A note on therapists performing an injectable treatment. When our course launches, it will not be open to therapists. While it is possible for a non-medical person to learn the skills necessary with an in-depth, regulated course, therapists in our opinion miss a fundamental requirement for the delivery of injectables. Accountability, all medical field practitioners are regulated, “they have a number” and as such have liability and can lose their licence.