Teaching and Learning Policy and Principles

A framework, for quality education
ATAI operate within the framework of quality assurance; we provide a solutions system for addressing all operational tasks, this includes, but is not limited to, operational procedures, complaints handling, machine maintenance and student/teacher conduct.

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The purpose of this document is to outline academy policy relating to teaching and learning moreover to document the essential principals underpinning delivery of training programmes of the utmost quality.


This policy applies to all training programmes offered at the academy and is relevant to all staff in particular teaching staff.

Teaching and learning policy

  • Facilitate a high-quality learning experience for a diverse range of learners that will support lifelong learning and provide graduates with the knowledge and skills that they will require
  • Create an environment in which learners can take responsibility for their own learning, and provide opportunities for active learningEncourage teaching and learning activities in keeping with the mission, vision and values of the academy
  • Facilitate learning by providing the support infrastructure and environment conducive to the provision of the highest standards in teaching and learning
  • Encourage application of a diversity of teaching practices and methodologies to meet the needs of a wide range of students with a variety of abilities and competenciesProvide a fair effective, transparent and consistent assessment of learners, as required to support the mission of the Institute
  • Encourage transparency for teaching processes and standards through publication of academy policies, programme learning outcomes and output of programme review processes
  • Encourage learner involvement with other students through social machines, feedback, and review exercises
  • Encourage staff involvement in information exchange, review exercises, feedback and communication with other staff and learners

Teaching and learning principals

Our ethos ‘whatever you do, do it as best you can’ flows through and underpins the teaching and learning policy. 
  1. Teaching that stimulates active and reflective learning, our core focus is learners that enjoy building their career skills
  2. Effective teaching requires a broad set of skills and educational toolsClassroom theory
  • Classroom practicalClinical environment practicalCase study based learning
  • Problem solving and problem identifying tasksCollaborative and co-operative tasks
  • Rich media & e-delivery learning support
  1. An ability to effectively teach with a passion for the industry is a pre requisite for all teaching staff. We are committed to providing the highest level of support and resources to facilitate the best possible outcomes in learning.
  2. This policy works within the Code of Ethics Policy specifically outlining
  3. Non-discriminationProfessional competency and behaviour

Operational objectives

Every learner and staff member is a brand ambassador, achieving excellence in education means we are committed to:

  • Recruit, develop and promote staff who, as a consequence of undertaking teaching at the highest level, are particularly effective in disseminating knowledge
  • Encourage staff to seek out educational tools that could provide enhanced comprehensionContinually use feedback from staff and learners and making changes when appropriate

Learner responsibilities

  • While we will mentor learners and offer a support network facilitating the best in educational support, it is up to the individual learner to take responsibility for their education
  • Attendance, adhering to case study requirements, clinical hours, fulfilling the responsibility of undertaking a course
  • To observe our code of ethics at all times