As with all aesthetics procedures, we need to assess your suitability. Your medical history, including any current medications, must be specified on the form as they can impact your treatment. You may need to attend the clinic for a patch test before becoming a client. After we have assessed your medication and medical history you will be contacted to arrange a time for a patch test if you are successful in your client application.

As an ATAI client, you acknowledge that your treatment will be carried out by either an experienced trainer OR learner agent under the close supervision of a professional.

There is a small charge for treatments which we require at the time of booking your model treatment time.

Please take note;

  • Photographs and or video may and often will be taken for training and marketing purposes.
  • As a model, your treatment time does not follow a typical timeframe due to the nature of the training environment. At the time of confirming your model slot, you will be given an indication of how long it is expected to take but please keep in mind you are facilitating post-graduate education and as such time may vary.
  • Please also note due to the courses structures follow-up treatments may change treatment to treatment, however, they remain in the window of effective treatment times.
  • If you do not turn up for your treatment slot, this may result in removal from the model programme.