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We have a responsibility not only to provide sector-leading training but to facilitate training with products that you will use throughout your career. Our purpose is to make your entry or expansion within aesthetic medicine easier and more rewarding, to stay on top of the latest techniques and product developments.

Professional Derma

Aesthetic medicine is technology driven.

Technology is featured in medical energy devices but also within products. Regenerative aesthetic medicine using the body’s natural healing abilities helped along with science. With the trend in the sector moving more towards regenerative products, we maintain your skillset by constantly introducing the latest products and training to support your career.

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Aesthetic Insure


From consultation to insurance and even stock purchasing. A.T.A.I. can facilitate this with partners that understand the aesthetic medicine sector.



Ellanse, Silhouette Soft, Sculptra, throughout our training options, predominantly features the latest thinking in bio revitalisation and cellular regeneration. It is not enough just to provide training; we must equip you with the latest techniques to stay ahead of this technology-driven sector.

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